New in the area! Our new proposal is an Inner Love New Year's retreat, focused on restoration, health, well-being, connection with nature, with the traditional culture of the Amazon that represents our ancestry and of course... love and compassion for the whole.


The Villa Arapiuns space is very special. The Villa Arapiuns inn is located in the most beautiful place in the region, on the Arapiuns river.

Just 1h30 by speedboat from Alter do Chão, you have the opportunity to experience the forest, the paradisiacal river beaches, streams and walks through neighboring riverside communities in all comfort. It is a unique inn, there is no accommodation experience compared to this one in the Santarém region. 


We think with all the love and affection of an experience of pure nutrition to strengthen self love, which in our understanding is the basis of everything. So the script is designed to:

* Slowing down the mind through meditation practices and being in an environment without internet.


* Rest the body in an infra with great comfort in the middle of one of the exuberant nature.


* Connect with the powerful and regenerative energy of the purest and most crystalline fresh waters of the Amazon and with the ancient forest that surrounds us.


* Get to know our traditional riverside peoples, their stories, challenges, charms, projects and get in touch with our Brazilian ancestry.


* Unite our soul, body and environment through daily Yoga practices.


* Nourish the body with healthy, vegetarian, Amazonian food, mostly from small producers.


* Worked on art through music, singing and dancing with ecstatic dance practices, singing at the campfire and singing and dancing workshops with Raquel Rodrigues.

* Meet new people connected with the same purpose.


* Celebrate life with a beautiful New Year's Eve party in one of the most special places on the Arapiuns River.

* Contribute to the positive development of the region through community-based tourism on the tours provided for in the itinerary.


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Raquel Maria Rodrigues is an artist, singer and therapist, creator of the New Woman Awakening method. Facilitator and mentor of Sacred Feminine circles, she has dedicated her life to self-knowledge and personal development,  trazendo in her corners,  compositions and works with the feminine, influences of his personal trajectory, of ancestral knowledge, of Brazilianness and of universal spirituality.

Find out more about her work here.

Cau Bezerra is a massage therapist, Heikian, yoga and ayurveda instructor. He will lead us through daily Yoga practices and other practices during the retreat.

Find out more about his work here!

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Iris Gabriela  ,  young Amazonian entrepreneur she has been working at AMZ for 4 years at AMZ Projects and will be our guide through Amazonian experiences.

" I was raised in Alter do Chão, I always had the beach as a leisure point, and it was also where my family's income came from. See how each person who visits us changes reality for the better. Tourism is very important for the region."


There are 15 chalets that accommodate up to 4 people with a double bed and a single bed or bunk bed, bathroom, balcony with hammock. We have a space for yoga and meditation practices,  a space for a fire pit and a restaurant. We have kayak and stand up for rent.  The inn is right in front of the beach in one of the most idyllic places on the Arapiuns river.


It is always a very special surprise that we produce with great care. The party is with your feet in the sand, on a beach with white sand, there's always a mara pistinha, a bonfire, lounge, drinks at will and there's no time to end.  The vibe reigns and we turn under the most beautiful sky to enter with axé the year to come.

This is the moment when everyone comes together, who travels with the Love Boat and who buys a single invitation! The party is included in the package, but if you have a friend who just wants to come for the New Year, you can buy an invitation with us:




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