Another challenging year but we are already lighter, free and vaccinated!

It will be a moment of hugs, affection, celebration for being alive and for having the promise of a better government to come! 

The challenges and marks of politics and pandemic will still exist, but we need to reenergize to build a new era.

Let's put into practice everything we've learned and let's emanate love to the Universe,

co-create, share.   The New Year is a milestone for a better future!


This year we will have three different New Year package proposals:

* INNER LOVE, it's a novelty! It will be our first New Years retreat

*LOVE BOAT, our traditional boats

*VIRADA PARTY, which is already included in the packages above,

however it will also be open to the public who want to buy a single invitation!

Scroll down and find out!!


Also get to know the work that AMZ does throughout the year, click here!


New in the area! Our new proposal is a New Years retreat, focused on restoration, health, wellness and connection.

We will have yoga practice, static dance, vegetarian food, campfire singing, scented bath, massage and community outings. On New Year's Eve we will all celebrate together on a beautiful sandy point.

The Villa Arapiuns space is very special because it is located in the most beautiful place in the region, at Ponta do Macaco, on the Arapiuns River.

Only 1h30 by speedboat from Alter do Chão, you have the opportunity to experience the forest, the paradisiacal river beaches, streams and walks through neighboring riverside communities in all comfort. It is a unique inn, there is no accommodation experience compared to this one in the Santarém region. 


More info here!

Screen Shot 2022-05-09 at 12.47.13 PM.png

Our 13th edition of LOVE BOAT, another very special year sailing along the Tapajós and Arapiuns rivers! 

We will have 2 boats with lots of beautiful people, good food, good drinks, parties, visits to riverside communities, cinema and much more! Let's take all this through the biggest paradises in the Amazon, deserted beaches, streams and forests...

At first we will only have 48 vacancies   to live this experience, so come soon!

More info here!


A party with your feet in the sand, on a beach with white sand, there's always a mara, a bonfire, lounge  and there's no time to end._cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b- 136bad5cf58d_ The vibe reigns and we turn under the most beautiful sky to enter with axé the year to come.

The party is already included in the Retiro AMZ and Love Boat packages, but you can also buy a separate invitation.


This year we opened another 150 invitation slots, so take advantage of it because it's a very special party.


Buy invitations here!!


Adhara Luz

+ 55 11 997030906 (Live / zap)

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